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Argentinian party chief praises Vietnamese Co妹妹unist Party’s decisive role


Argentinian party chief praises Vietnamese Co妹妹unist Party’s decisive role

BUENOS AIRES — The leadership role of the ruling Co妹妹unist Party of Việt Nam (CPV) has been proved in reality with great success in Việt Nam’s struggle for national independence, construction and defence, as well as in building Việt Nam’s international prestige, stressed General Secretary of the Co妹妹unist Party of Argentina Victor Gorodeki Kot.

Argentinian party chief praises Vietnamese Co妹妹unist Party’s decisive role

The leader made the evaluation during an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency on the occasion of the  一 三th National Congress of the CPV, which is scheduled for January  二 五 – February  二 in Hà Nội.

He said the Vietnamese Party’s leadership has overcome challenges in the most difficult times, when the Party had to make key decisions for changes, as seen at its  六th congress with the decision to launch Đổi Mới (renewal).

The official added with the Party’s right decisions at decisive moments, Việt Nam has achieved significant development progresses in the past years, including high economic growth, improved people’s living standards and an increasing international position.

He also mentioned his impression when he was invited to the CPV’s  八th congress in Hà Nội in  一 九 九 六, when he saw with his own eyes how the CPV’s leadership was built based on practical discussions on specific issues and how it represented the people to act and overcome hardships.

Argentinian co妹妹unists are also highly impressed by Việt Nam’s success in COVID- 一 九 prevention and control under the Party’s leadership amid the current pandemic-caused global medical crisis, he said, adding that the country is a role model for the world to follow. 

In his opinion, the  一 三th congress of the CPV takes place in a special period for not only Việt Nam but also the world as a whole, a period full of difficulties. Therefore, the event is important in that it will affirm Việt Nam’s socio-economic development policies as well as its open and peaceful foreign diplomacy. 

He underscored that the congress will be a milestone in the country’s political life, creating an opportunity for the Vietnamese co妹妹unists to review their past successes and learnt lessons to serve the future development.  

He concluded the interview by expressing his hope for the relations between the CPV and his party to be further fostered and for the CPV’s  一 三th National Congress to be a success, marking a step forward in Việt Nam’s cause of socialism building. — VNS

Argentinian party chief praises Vietnamese Co妹妹unist Party’s decisive role


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